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12.05.2012 ARCADEON (LIVE) Accordion, Contrabass and 808 beats. Epic video game reworkings and much more. Hot Source DJs: Benski Dj Sneaky Special Guests: Dj D-STET (US) Efalive (of the Jazoburbs/ Editude Pictures) Quality booty shaking music of any variety. Expect the unexpected! PANKE Gerichtstr. 23 13347 Berlin Read more →


44flavours x Clemens Behr x Hot Source

An Installation by 44flavours (Julio Rölle & Sebastian Bagge) and Clemens Behr for Hot Source Collective at Panke, Berlin (Feb 25th 2012). Music by Sneaky. Video shot and edited by Andreas Lamoth and Frederic Leitzke. 44flavours x Clemens Behr from editude pictures on Vimeo. More Info: Read more →

Flyer 25- Februar 2012

ʇoɥ ǝɔɹnos @ ǝʞuɐd

Music: S. Shorm (Hot Source) Sneaky (Fingathing, Hot Source) Benski Dj (Hot Source) Special Guest: Dj Scientist (Equinox Records) Installation by Clemens Behr & 44flavours More Infos: Read more →

Hot Source @ Panke

¡ʇɔǝɟɟǝ uı ǝɔɹoɟ ǝɔɹnos llnɟ

Come join us for our joyful reunion throwdown. Full Source Force in effect! Cheeky Berlin residents Sneaky and Benski are joined by Hot Source OG members Tres and Rokin who are flying in from Barcelona and Cologne. Both will be armed with their tastiest selections du jour! and all 4 primed for deep dancefloor devastation! So…..what’s on the menu for… Read more →