Hot Source Dj Collective

Artwork by 44flavours

Hot Source DJs

In a time when everything is at your hand, the source of things has become crucial to separate the real from the fake. And that is where the Hot Source DJs come into play.
Formed by four DJs hailing from different parts of the world, the collective feels the need to set itself apart from a new wave of mp3 diggers, putting their extensive record collections at the service of music lovers and boooty movers alike.

Hot Source DJs is the brainchild of Benski and Sneaky, who together with Rokin and Tres –all of them based between Cologne and Berlin– have gotten together to share their knowledge and skills with their audience. Their crates of records have space for rock tunes, disco numbers, funk nuggets, dubstep riddims, old school electro classics, Baltimore Club jams and hard hitting club bangers. It´s 2018, people, and genres are not strict anymore. It´s music, and all of it is here to enjoy.

Together, the Hot Source collective forms a Voltron-like entity that is ready to destroy any dancefloor, thanks to their extensive experience as DJs, producers and musicians.

Separated, they´ve played records all across Europe and shared needles and stages with the cream of the crop. Skills, variety and taste is what they offer together. Its the hot source what they have, and they are eager to share it.