12.05.2012 ARCADEON (LIVE) Accordion, Contrabass and 808 beats. Epic video game reworkings and much more. Hot Source DJs: Benski Dj Sneaky Special Guests: Dj D-STET (US) Efalive (of the Jazoburbs/ Editude Pictures) Quality booty shaking music of any variety. Expect the unexpected! PANKE Gerichtstr. 23 13347 Berlin Read more →


44flavours x Clemens Behr x Hot Source

An Installation by 44flavours (Julio Rölle & Sebastian Bagge) and Clemens Behr for Hot Source Collective at Panke, Berlin (Feb 25th 2012). Music by Sneaky. Video shot and edited by Andreas Lamoth and Frederic Leitzke. 44flavours x Clemens Behr from editude pictures on Vimeo. More Info: Read more →

Flyer 25- Februar 2012

ʇoɥ ǝɔɹnos @ ǝʞuɐd

Music: S. Shorm (Hot Source) Sneaky (Fingathing, Hot Source) Benski Dj (Hot Source) Special Guest: Dj Scientist (Equinox Records) Installation by Clemens Behr & 44flavours More Infos: Read more →